Fortress research. Published by the German Association for Fortress Research - DGF

The German Society for Fortress Research is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 that promotes the scientific research of fortresses and the practical implementation of findings gained in the field of presentation and documentation as well as monument, environment and landscape protection.

Fortresses have often been neglected in Germany in the past. Unlike fortresses and castles, which are very popular with the public, the cultural and historical value of fortresses has not been recognized for a long time due to their exclusively military use. Only in recent years has interest in historic fortifications also awakened in Germany. With this book series, the developments of fortress construction in numerous regions of Germany are made comprehensible on the basis of important fortifications

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Das Ende der Festungen. Aufgelassen - geschleift - vergessen?

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Leben in und mit Festungen

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Festungsbaukunst in Europas Mitte - Festschrift zum 30-jährigen Bestehen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung

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Die Residenzstadt Wien An Der Donau. Die Geschichte der Stadtbefestigung am Beispiel der Neutorbastion

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