Viking Jewellery from island of gotland Sweden - CD-ROM

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Viking Jewellery from island of Gotland Sweden

For PC and Mac. ArkeoDok 2004. This CD-R deals with jewellery from the Viking Age, mainly found on Gotland, and coming from different grave fields, as well as from the Viking Age harbour at Fröjel, Gotland. The picture gallery is built around a presentation of female and of male jewellery, like different kinds of brooches, pendants, belt buckles, rings and pins. Beads, knives and combs, typical Viking Age objects carried by most people, both men and women, are not displayed on this CD. They are covered by earlier CD,s. Besides the photos and the galleries, there is also a short report about Viking Age jewellery in Scandinavia in the form of a PDF file, and also contact sheets of all the illustrations as well as quick time movies showing two different forms of animal head brooches and one box brooch. Finally, all the illustrations are included in high resolution photos giving an excellent chance to see all the small details of brooches etc.

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